Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spoon Theory

A friend recently posted a link to a blog written by a lady with a chronic illness. She was sharing how she learned to explain what it's like to live with one. Her friend was curious so she gathered up all the spoons she could find and handed them to her friend. She told her to count them because it's important to know how many "spoons" you have at any given time. Then, she asked her friend to talk about the daily events of the day starting in the morning. As the friend recounted her different habits and tasks, she took a spoon. Her friend soon learned that even something as simple as just getting up out of bed took energy. Simple things that everyone does regularly take some planning when you have limited "spoons."
I cried when I read it. It explains so closely how I've lived for the last year. If I clean a bathroom, I may not have the energy to cut veggies to make dinner. I'm having another surgery on Tuesday--a revision of the colostomy. I hope it works so I can heal and have my energy back. I want to not have to plan everything so closely. If it doesn't work. I guess this is my new "normal" and I have to get used to it.
Right now, I'm happy that yesterday was a "many spoons day" and I got to tackle some long awaited chores. I went past my spoon amount, though. I knew I was. I did more after dinner. I borrowed from today and I've been tired and draggy all day. OH, well. I'll have plenty of rest time after my surgery.
I just have to ask a favor. Whenever you use a spoon, say a prayer for someone that's ill. The prayers really do make a difference.


  1. My prayer is that you will soon have a daily drawer-full of spoons!

    Love you,

  2. Boy--I just re-read this and realized I had a LOT of time to rest after my surgery. Two weeks in the hospital does that to you. Also, my body has been so drained until the last week. I'm glad to have more spoons now than I did before the surgeries. :)