Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good Days

I've been getting stuff done lately. I've had good days with energy. I'm so glad. I'm being careful, too. I spent a few hours with some other moms at a park yesterday and my kids had fun. Today, I went to my local homeschool store and picked up some of my son's curriculum. Then, we had piano lessons and I picked up a gift bag I won from a local garden store. This afternoon, the kids played and I worked on more yearly lesson plans for homeschooling. Hubby came home early so we got to spend some time together before he went to help some friends with a video shoot. The weather is gorgeous, I have great friends and family and I know I'm finally getting better right now. God is good and I'm trusting for each day's measure of peace and energy.
How are you? 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ahhhh! There's No Place Like Home!

The only thing better than a wonderful vacation is being back home, sleeping in my own bed, and back to my regular schedule. My great husband had last week off of work. We spontaneously decided to head out and visit a couple of National Monuments a few hours away. It was lovely. The Lava Beds were incredible and I felt honored to see some petroglyphs in a former lava tube. The kids enjoyed becoming Junior Rangers as they learned about the area. It was a long, hot and exhausting day that we all enjoyed. The next day was more low key as we played putt-putt golf and visited a museum. Both nights the kids completely enjoyed the pool and I was excited to see how well my son is doing in learning to swim. My health keeps me out of the pool for now so I was a bit envious of their fun.
On our way home, we visited Crater Lake and couldn't have had a better day. It was completely clear and sunny and every stop held God-given views of His creation. I'm awed. After we were home, we enjoyed a trip to the fair and an overnight camp out a block away (in our church's back yard) LOL!
My body is exhausted. I had to rest a couple of different days but I'm so glad that the trip and the walking and all didn't make me relapse as it has in the past. I'm definitely getting better and stronger. YEAH!!! 
Today, hubby's back to work. While I miss him and am looking forward to him being home, it's been nice to rest with the kids, doing a few chores, practicing my piano lesson, reading a book and resting. The rest of the week holds our regular events--craft morning with friends, a park playdate, some errands, etc. I look forward to it. Vacation was good and home is good, too.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Healing/Trust update

For those following my illness adventures, I am steadily gaining in energy and am healing. The hernia the doctor found and attempted to repair has reared its ugly head and I'm having to be careful with lifting and such. I met with the surgeon and he recommended wearing some support for the stoma to close the gap in the muscles. I found a temporary fix until I can meet with a nurse for a more formal one. It is helping and I'm in less pain by the end of the day. I was worried I might have to go in for more surgery but the doctor wants to wait. We're hoping it will be solved by the abscess cavity healing and closing up so that the stoma can be reversed. The last thing I need is extra surgery so hopefully we can roll it all together into one. 
In a past post on trust I commented on hubby's job search. He had been contacted by a few companies to apply for various positions. He did and interviewed. He has completed the interviewing process and has a new job. It took a lot of prayer and discussion on whether he should stay in his current position or move to the new one. The day after we decided to move on, his current company announced changes that would have made his job more difficult and set him up for failure. God was definitely working and I'm so grateful for the peace the Holy Spirit brought to help me through the uncertainty.


Summer is finally here. For this Pacific NW gal, that means mostly sunny days with highs in the 70's. For those that don't know me, I despise being hot. I get overheated easily--comes from my grandma's genetics. So, this below 90 degree summer is perfect in my mind. I go outside in the evenings and enjoy the wonderfully soothing shade under my huge dogwood tree. Resting, reading, healing...<sigh of complete contentment>