Monday, March 12, 2012

Long Time, No Post

I've been focusing elsewhere and have let my blog be for a bit. I'm finally ready to get back to it. I finally feel I have something to say. I did set a small resolution. I want to develop a habit of thankfulness. I'm trying to capture those gifts and blessings that happen each day and number them. I've been influenced by Ann Voskamp's Book "One Thousand Gifts." My goal is 10 a day. What I'm finding is that as I write them down, I find more and more and more things I'm thankful for. God is indeed good all the time.

Sunday's Gifts

Today's Gifts: 21) Waking up when my body was ready and not feeling tired despite the "spring forward;" 22) Hubby's comforting, loving and protective arm around me; 23) The sound of hubby's voice singing strong and sure in worship to God; 24) My son's joyous smile and happy eyes when I teased him; 25) The camaraderie of combing and braiding my daughter's hair while she chatted and shared; 26) A friend's daughter, enduring a tough time, enjoyed going to youth group with my daughter; 27) unexpected sunlight bravely shining through the clouds after church; 28) watching my son and two other boys bonding over Angry Birds and the boys' regret at having to leave so soon; 29) the love I see shared amongst my church family; 30) finishing one side of the new (and challenging) purse design and liking it. 31) The fact that as I write so many things come to mind that I wouldn't be able to get to sleep if I wrote them all. God's gifts to me every day are innumerable.

Saturday's Blessings

Today's gifts: 11. Lilting, bouncy Irish music, 12. Hubby's hand finding mine. 13. Luxurious, guilty pleasure of sleeping in, 14. My son cuddling into me at the planting strawberries activity and the concert, 15. The sweet crunch of ice cream cones, 16. Seeing Leah TenKate and family at Al's. 17. The living red-gold of my daughter's hair, 18. The rainy drive home in the dark sparking memories of our courtship, 19. Hubby running my errands, 20. The calming, comfy sound of rain on the roof as I relax in my warm bed.

Today's Blessings (Friday)

Today's Joy Gifts:1. A good-morning "I love You" and "Thank-you" from my beloved, 2. a daughter's joyful face for drawing success, 3. rounding a corner to see my son encased in my pillowcase w/pillow and 4. his giggle as I laughed, 5. a yummy bite of pizza, 6. talking with my far away friend, 7. the joy and trepidation and teasing of my friend whose oldest turns 13 tomorrow, 8. the soft, warm, fluffy and purring body warming my feet, 9. laughter and joy as I celebrate being part of the Wetherbee's through the FB posts that keep us all in touch, 10. the wonderful bits of wisdom that God occasionally gives me--the "Wow! Did I say that?" moment today. Blessings!