Sunday, June 12, 2011

The "C" Word

Well, it's been an interesting month. I went in for an outpatient laparoscopic procedure which I kind of expected to be an overnight issue. Well, I spiked a fever and had a high heart rate that wouldn't resolve over the course of a day. The nurse called the surgeon in the evening and he ended up calling in a team to do an emergency surgery--they were worried that something had gone wrong with the other surgery. I was in surgery from midnight to 4 am. They found that somehow I had developed a kink in my small intestine (not involved in the first surgery) and part of it was dying. I had to have a resection. Pretty glad that I was in the hospital and they got in so very quickly.
The next day held the miracle and the "C" word. Everything removed from a person in surgery is tested in the lab at this hospital. The pathologist saw suspicious cells on the portion of intestine removed. My doctor came bounding into the room excited because the cancer would never have been found until it was big and a problem. He was thrilled. I was glad but a little worried. I was finally facing one of my worst fears--cancer--the "C" word. I spent my time in the hospital wondering about future tests and such. Last Thursday I finally got to ask more questions. I guess the cells in question weren't cancer. They were those that could become cancer in the future but aren't yet. So, I'm blessed and praising the Lord for the miracle. Bad cells removed before they could affect my health. Cells only found because of a different issue requiring they be removed. Thank-you, Lord. With all I've been through with my health this year, He has chosen to spare me this. I am blessed. I am loved. Hallelujah!

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  1. Yes it has indeed been an interesting month! And a HUGE blessing that the "C" word was changed to the "B" word (benign) - music to all our ears and balm to our hearts. Thank you, Father!
    He is seeing you through this, dear Daughter, and I am so grateful for His love and grace and healing touch.
    Loving you,