Monday, March 12, 2012

Today's Blessings (Friday)

Today's Joy Gifts:1. A good-morning "I love You" and "Thank-you" from my beloved, 2. a daughter's joyful face for drawing success, 3. rounding a corner to see my son encased in my pillowcase w/pillow and 4. his giggle as I laughed, 5. a yummy bite of pizza, 6. talking with my far away friend, 7. the joy and trepidation and teasing of my friend whose oldest turns 13 tomorrow, 8. the soft, warm, fluffy and purring body warming my feet, 9. laughter and joy as I celebrate being part of the Wetherbee's through the FB posts that keep us all in touch, 10. the wonderful bits of wisdom that God occasionally gives me--the "Wow! Did I say that?" moment today. Blessings!

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