Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday's Gifts

Today's Gifts: 21) Waking up when my body was ready and not feeling tired despite the "spring forward;" 22) Hubby's comforting, loving and protective arm around me; 23) The sound of hubby's voice singing strong and sure in worship to God; 24) My son's joyous smile and happy eyes when I teased him; 25) The camaraderie of combing and braiding my daughter's hair while she chatted and shared; 26) A friend's daughter, enduring a tough time, enjoyed going to youth group with my daughter; 27) unexpected sunlight bravely shining through the clouds after church; 28) watching my son and two other boys bonding over Angry Birds and the boys' regret at having to leave so soon; 29) the love I see shared amongst my church family; 30) finishing one side of the new (and challenging) purse design and liking it. 31) The fact that as I write so many things come to mind that I wouldn't be able to get to sleep if I wrote them all. God's gifts to me every day are innumerable.

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