Sunday, December 25, 2011


Wow! Christmas! I feel it. I feel it in my heart--the hope, the peace, the joy and the Love of Christ. I finished wrapping a couple of gifts yesterday and enjoyed family time and worshipped with my church. I wasn't sure that Christmas would feel like Christmas. 
I realized something...
Maybe I'm so used to the over-the-top,
kind of Advent;
I can't feel Christmas excitement without it?

We didn't do that this year.
We simplified. My energy isn't up to more but our attitudes have changed, too.
We want Christmas to be more about Christ and less about us.

It's different. It takes some getting used to.
Today, I like it...
Today, we're relaxing, enjoying one another, really enjoying our new gifts.
My Dd loved her bike. Apparently, we've started a new tradition in our family. She's in 6th grade. I got my "big kid" 10 speed my 6th grade year. Hubby did, too. She was thrilled for the bike but it means even more now that she knows her dad and I had the same rite of passage. 
My SIL got my son a slingshot. I cringed. My brother got in BIG trouble with his when we were younger. She didn't know the story but it seems as if life is coming another big circle. Little son uses his to launch pompom angry birds at the stuffed pig she included with the gift. (Better than rocks at the mailbox. Right, D.R.)?

Full circle: It's my little son reminds us it's time to light the "big candle in the middle." The Christ candle, lit after hope, peace, joy and love. Thankfully, those things can burn bright in our hearts even though the candles are melted down to almost nothing.
Merry Christmas!
The waiting is over...
It's time to serve.

as always...
It's time....

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  1. Beautiful picture of a Christ-centered Christmas. We are finally "getting it"'s all about HIM!

    Glorious Christmas!