Saturday, August 6, 2011

Healing/Trust update

For those following my illness adventures, I am steadily gaining in energy and am healing. The hernia the doctor found and attempted to repair has reared its ugly head and I'm having to be careful with lifting and such. I met with the surgeon and he recommended wearing some support for the stoma to close the gap in the muscles. I found a temporary fix until I can meet with a nurse for a more formal one. It is helping and I'm in less pain by the end of the day. I was worried I might have to go in for more surgery but the doctor wants to wait. We're hoping it will be solved by the abscess cavity healing and closing up so that the stoma can be reversed. The last thing I need is extra surgery so hopefully we can roll it all together into one. 
In a past post on trust I commented on hubby's job search. He had been contacted by a few companies to apply for various positions. He did and interviewed. He has completed the interviewing process and has a new job. It took a lot of prayer and discussion on whether he should stay in his current position or move to the new one. The day after we decided to move on, his current company announced changes that would have made his job more difficult and set him up for failure. God was definitely working and I'm so grateful for the peace the Holy Spirit brought to help me through the uncertainty.

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  1. God is SO FAITHFUL! I am rejoicing with you and Wade!