Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A New Chapter: Accountability Captain?

I'm supposed to be an accountability captain? If only people knew how my good intentions so often end in inaction. I believe in this concept, though. Hello Mornings is a great idea--a great way to encourage women to build better habits in Bible Study, Exercise and Day Planning. I need this. I need to be better at mornings. Mornings are my nemesis. It's so hard to get going. Since I was so ill, my morning routines have become noon routines. I need a new routine, I think. The whole "get up, shower, dressed, make-up, etc routine won't work with my health constraints. So, I need a different thing. Something more gentle. However, time in the Word needs to be part of it. My hope is that I can figure out how to get it all done in a more gentle way.
We'll be studying the Book of Job. The theme is "Abounding Hope." Job and his message of hope in spite of circumstances, has been a lifeline for my husband and I over the last three years. When I first had a little infection, we never knew it would mean an entire life change and breakdown in my health and almost uncontrollable recurrence of my Crohn's Disease. Despite this, we've seen God work in our lives and in the lives of those around us. He's used this to encourage others in prayer and faith and determination. So, I have hope in our trial. Hope that God will continue to work His will.
I'm excited to see the names of the ladies who have signed up with us. We are all ages and in many different stages in life. This will bring a richness and depth to our group. Yeah!
While I start this new chapter, I'm also starting to meet with two other ladies for a Bible study. One lady has never been in a Bible study before. After today's meeting, she's encouraged. I am, too. I can see God moving me into a new area: discipleship. He's just naturally placed different opportunities in my path to meet with women to encourage them to grow in knowledge and faith through studying the Bible. Before my illness, I was too busy. I was too busy to be home enough to have women over for Bible study....or to meet online with women for Bible study...or to even spend time on my own here at home studying the Bible. Now, I'm home and I'm freed to do these things. I'm glad.

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