Monday, November 7, 2011

God's Speaking

I have been discouraged by lack of healing progress. I've been working on resigning myself to the thought that the healing will be surgical in nature. It wasn't what I wanted. I'm just trying to submit to the Lord's plan and will. It's tough.
Last night, my husband went to the Alpha group he's been helping with at church. The topic for the night was God's ability to heal. They studied a lot of passages and decided to pray with my hubby for my healing--kind of like the story in the Bible where the centurion just tells Jesus to speak and his servant would be healed (Luke 7:1-10). My husband was encouraged, I could see it in his face and hear it in his voice when he came home. He prayed for me. He also reminded me that we can keep asking for healing. The Lord knows we will accept a "no" and still trust but there are many examples in the Bible of people continuing to pray for healing--even Jesus prayed twice to heal someone completely. That brought peace to me. I can keep asking and don't have to give up. Then, this morning, my daughter (who's shy about sharing her prayers) came to me and told me that she prayed for me last night. She said she prayed that God would heal me completely so that I would no longer have to have the colostomy. She was so joyful about it all. I'm blessed that there are those who hold me up and help me, "when you have done everything, to stand." My family and friends are God's gift to me to help me through. They're "holding up my arms" as I seek God in this battle. Hallelujah!

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