Sunday, January 1, 2012

Setting Goals

I decided not to make resolutions this year. It seems like a way to set myself up for failure to make all sorts of grand decisions about the coming year and what I will do to change myself. I think it's good to try to better myself. Just not all at once with too many changes. I work better at making new habits--one at a time.  I haven't decided what new habit I want to add to my day. I'm praying for guidance and wisdom. The Lord leads me in the things I need to do so I will trust He will guide me now. 
A devotional blog I read was talking about 5 steps to making resolutions. I agree with everything she said. The one that really stuck out to me was to "Set Time." Schedule the new habit. Give it a specific time and place. The successful habits I've developed all had set times. I never realized it until today. Set Time for the changes I want to make. Set Time to get together with people. Set Time to pray and read the Bible and hear from the Lord. Set Time for the Holy Spirit to lead me. Hmmmm. 
Maybe that's it.
Maybe my goal is learning to Set Time for the things that are important but get forgotten because I don't guard the time for them. 
My Tuesday morning craft time with friends? I fiercely guard that time. It's set. It happens. It's habit. 
Devotional time--not so set. Date time with my husband--not so set. Time with my daughter--not so set. This needs to change.
Holy Spirit, guide me as I work on setting time in my life for the relationships I treasure.
I guess I have a resolution after all! "Set Time."